Shiatsu can be an immensely relaxing experience. It is a form of healing touch developed in Japan, with roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine, that stimulates the body’s vital energy (known as chi in Chinese or ki in Japanese). By connecting with your energy, blockages, deficiencies, or other imbalances can be identified.
For example stuck energy can manifest as pain, creating heat...a little like a traffic jam where cars and people easily overheat! Once cleared the energy can flow more easily and people can move forwards on their journey.
Overworking can use up our energy and without adequate rest, sleep, good food we cannot recover fully. A little like a battery that is running on empty, 6 hours sleep, a take away meal and a coffee isn’t going to replenish it to full charge. But we have another busy day/weeks ahead so we start to use energy we don’t really have. This is when problems start to arise: anxiety, insomnia or digestive problems due to a difficulty switching off, tight muscles from adrenaline overload; feeling snappy, tearful, difficulty making decisions because our energy isn’t flowing, or there just isn’t enough energy!
Calming the sympathetic nervous system can help restore functioning of the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for relaxing muscles and nerves. This shift assists the heart rate and blood pressure slow down, improving blood flow and functioning of our internal organs.
Using palm and thumb pressure, muscle stretches and joint rotations to assist the balancing out of Ki within your body, you can expect to feel more relaxed, more centred and an easing of symptoms.
Who comes for shiatsu? People come for a variety of reasons as shiatsu can be helpful for: Feeling tired, anxious, low, fearful, or just not like your usual self. Lack of motivation to change or move towards new goals. Digestive issues. Muscle aches and joint pain. Insomnia. Back pain. Stress relief and relaxation. Maintain health and help prevent future illness.

Zen Stones

“Jayne has such a lovely manner and creates a beautiful, healing environment as well as making me feel completely at ease. Shiatsu was a nice surprise and I was surprised how gentle it is. I’ve tried massage in the past to help with my shoulder pain and it was really painful. I was expecting this with shiatsu and I was amazed how the tension could be eased with such a gentle touch”

“Jayne has always been supportive of where I am, both with her shiatsu and as a human being. I would definitely recommend Jayne. Her thoughtful and genuine care approach is really lovely and gives you the space you need sometimes to catch up with yourself”