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Shiatsu is a body work therapy originating in Japan, with roots in Chinese Medicine. 

Using compassionate and mindful touch the practitioner uses a variety of hands on techniques- thumb, palm and finger pressure, connection with acupressure points, gentle manipulation, and stretches to re-energise weak areas and reduce tension in the body.

This work connects with the body's systems such as the nervous, circulatory and respiratory systems to support self-healing, and promote a feeling of well-being and relaxation.

Shiatsu is done with the receiver fully clothed, on a comfy futon at floor level. A therapy couch can also be used for anyone finding it difficult to lie on the floor.

Before the session Jayne will talk to you about any current health issues, and what you would like from the session, which could include things like relief from shoulder tension, wanting to feel more energy, or more relaxed. You may have unresolved grief, or are feeling stuck and frustrated in life. 

Often people come for a few sessions initially and then on a monthly, or less frequent basis for health promotion.

The session usually lasts between 50 minutes to an hour including an initial chat-slightly longer for the first session.

Click on the link below to see the video of people's experiences of receiving shiatsu.

Shiatsu: About

Sessions Available

Flexible around your needs

Shiatsu - taster session: A half hour session (plus consultation) will give you more of an idea of how it works.

Shiatsu full session - lasting about 50 minutes (plus consultation)

Reflexology full session - lasts about 45 minutes

Reflexology Plus - 40 minute reflexology with shiatsu head, neck, and back treatment.

All treatments clients remain fully clothed, except in reflexology you need to have bare feet.

Shiatsu: Welcome
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