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The Answers You Need


What should I wear ?

Shiatsu: Please wear loose comfortable clothes that you can easily move in. Please avoid wearing jeans or a belt.

Our body temperature can often drop when lying down so there will be a fleece available for your comfort during the session.

Reflexology: You will remain fully clothed except for your feet so please bear this in mind. I may move your legs and feet during the session and I also work on the lower part of the leg so loose trousers would be the best thing to wear. Skirts can be worn and I will have a fleece available for your comfort.

Will it hurt?

The therapies should not hurt. If you have pain somewhere in your body then that area will be avoided, or worked on gently (depending on your issue).
You may experience some 'tender spots' with both shiatsu and reflexology but it should not hurt.

Are there any contraindications?

Yes there are.

Shiatsu: Please get in touch to discuss any health problem prior to treatment.

Reflexology: There are some reasons why it would not be advised to receive treatment e.g. Recent Stroke; untreated varicose veins (please check with your GP); unstable diabetes or heart problems for example. Please get in touch if you have any queries.

For both therapies: Areas of broken skin; broken bones; viral/fungal infection are contraindicated.

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