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Questions you may have


Do you have to be ill for shiatsu to be of benefit?

No, many people come for shiatsu as a safe and relaxing way to maintain health. 
Shiatsu can calm the parasympathetic nervous system, reducing the impact of stress on the body and alleviating muscle aches, joint pain, tension headaches, eye strain, digestive disorders, insomnia and anxiety.

Will it be painful?

Shiatsu should not be painful. The therapist will use a pressure comfortable for you. Using palm and finger pressure, supported joint manipulations and appropriate muscle stretches the session should feel relaxing and enjoyable.

What should I wear?

Please wear loose comfortable clothing. Ideally trousers/leggings with an elastic waist, socks and a light top.You will be covered with a blanket for comfort and warmth as your temperature may drop a little while lying down.

Are there times shiatsu is not advised?

Please note: Although shiatsu is a very safe therapy, there are certain cases when it is better to avoid receiving it.You shouldn't receive shiatsu in case of: 
*Fever; Infectious skin disease or open wounds; 
*Immediately after surgery; If you are prone to blood clots. There is a risk of blood clots being dislodged. 
*If you have heart disease, atherosclerosis, or high cholesterol, please check with us before booking an appointment.
*Shiatsu should not be done directly over recent bruises, inflamed skin, unhealed wounds, abdominal hernia, or areas of recent fractures. It can still be done over the rest of the body so please let us know if you have any of these conditions.
*After a stroke or cerebrovascular accident, it is better to wait for at least six months and check with your GP prior to booking a session.
Always consult a doctor if you have had a stroke within the last two years.

Always explain what type of medication you are taking.

What precautions are in place in light of COVID?

Updated practices during COVID-19


Some further information about sessions to help you feel more secure about the changes as a result of the virus. All changes are in line with Government Guidelines and Shiatsu Society UK recommendations - I can provide more information if you would like me to.


* I am using soft waterproof (not rustly!) covers for futon, pillows and bolster, one for each new client.
*Enhanced cleaning and sanitising regime
*I will be leaving the doors open so you can enter without touching any doors. I will be airing the room (45 mins between clients). 
*As advised I will  have windows open and will leave the treatment room slightly ajar to allow more air flow during the session.
*I will not be working directly on people’s faces. As I am aware many people have neck and shoulder tension so rather than clients feel they will miss out I will be working neck and shoulders with you in side position to avoid direct face contact.
*I will be wearing a clear visor, a type II mask and soft cotton gloves.



On the day

* I have blankets but if you prefer you can bring your own clean blanket/fleece in a separate bag.
*Please bring your own water bottle and pen if possible.
*Please bring the two forms (Premises Agreement & Consent Form) if possible - I will have copies in case you can’t print at home for you to sign on the day.
*I have a thermometer that can be used when you arrive if you have not got a thermometer to check your temperature at home.


Is there any research about the effectiveness of shiatsu?

Multiple research studies have found that Shiatsu correlates with improvements to:◦ Back and muscle pain◦ Menopausal symptoms ◦ Fibromyalgia◦ Digestive problems◦ High blood pressure ◦ Anxiety◦ Depression◦ Stress. Please see more information at: