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Wake up Your Energy!

Feeling tired, sluggish in the morning, or feeling an afternoon slump?! Read on to find some simple, free and effective ways to get your energy flowing...

Two minute tips...

Do it anywhere!

Try it Now!

Rub your hands together

There are 361 tsubos (also called acupressure points) in the body and 28 of these are in the hands.

These points connect to the major organs of your body and rubbing them vigorously can stimulate your energy.

Do it for 20 seconds or so whenever you feel like your energy is flagging.

Easy to do anywhere- while you’re making a brew, out on a walk, or sitting at your desk.

Ever had tired, dry eyes after spending a long time at the computer? rub your hands together and then hold them in front of your eyes for a few seconds while taking a few deep breaths - keep your eyes open as this can replenish the yin (cooling, lubricating energy) to help relieve tiredness.

2. Thymus Thump- can help revitalise your energy and stimulate your immune system

What is it?

The thymus gland (often called the ‘happiness point’), is located behind your sternum and between your lungs and produces Thymosin which stimulates the development of disease fighting T-cells. These are white blood cells which protect the body from viruses and infections.

It’s name comes from the Greek ‘Thymos’ meaning ‘Life Energy’.

As we age the thymus shrinks and is replaced by fat but these important T-cells continue to be generated into adulthood.

The Thymus Thump helps keep your thymus active therby stimulating your energy and boosting your immune system.

How to do it:

Make a loose fist and tap over your sternum for 30- 60 seconds while breathing in and out deeply and thinking of something positive e.g. and affirmation like:

’My energy is vibrant!’

OR: using the tips of all your fingers, tap in a small circle, anti-clockwise around your thymus gland using in a waltz tempo...1-2-3, 1-2-3 as this works with the rhythm of your body.

Do it daily or whenever you feel tired, stressed or fearful.

3. Laughter Breathing

Laughing can be one of the best ways of boosting your energy - well known to improve mood, stimulate your energy, whilst also allowing more air in to your lungs. Laughter breathing can release stale air and create space for fresh air into your lungs shiftting stagnant energy and helping you feel more awake and revitalised.

How to do it:

  • Hold your hands on your lower abdomen (below your belly button) and say ‘ho ho ho ho...’ in a deep voice

  • Then push your hands forward, away from your chest and say ‘ha ha ha ha....’

  • Increase speed until you have a rhythmic chant.

  • Raise your arms above your head.

  • Inhale and hold for a count of 5

  • Bend from the waist, relaxing your arms.

  • Exhale and laugh or say ‘haha’ to induce laughing.

  • Repeat for five to ten minutes.

Some helpful tips to shift stagnant energy for a quick boost. For lasting improvements to your energy why not book a full shiatsu session with Jayne- she will also be able to offer recommendations tailored specifically to you.

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